Our Vision:

Unlocking Value While Protecting Privacy

If data is the new oil, Internet the new oil field, Privacy Technologies are the new refineries and AI systems are the new engines. But this Privacy technology layer is missing today. Our vision is to build this Privacy technologies and products layer for businesses to unlock data for value creation, while protecting user privacy and being compliant with emerging global privacy requirements.

Awards & Recognitions

Winner of AIM, Niti Aayog - Aatmanirbhar Bharat ARISE-ANIC Award &
DSCI's Privacy Application Challenge for "Privacy Due Diligence" & "Purpose Limitation"

The Team

Abilash Soundararajan ,

CEO & Founder

Deepika Abilash,

COO & Co-Founder

Prof. Himanshu Tyagi,

Technical Advisor

Diganta Das,

Privacy Engineer

Rishab D,

Cloud Engineer


We, at the core, are a Privacy Enhancing Technology research company, working on solving critical data protection problems emerging in the privacy era with novel, disruptive and cutting edge technologies.

Input Privacy

We have filed 4 patents in the area of Input Privacy Technologies like ZKP, MPC, Confidential Compute and Blockchain.

Output Privacy

We have filed 5 patents in the area of Output Privacy Technologies like Differential Privacy, Anonymization, Synthetic Data and more.

Patent Grant

One patent is already granted. Other patents are in various stages of approval in India and multiple geographies across the globe.

Our Partnerships

Next Step

Want to Do More with Your Data?

Priva Unlocks the Real Value of your Data. Without Compromising Privacy.