Awards & Recognitions

Winner of AIM, Niti Aayog - Aatmanirbhar Bharat ARISE-ANIC Award &
DSCI's Privacy Application Challenge for "Privacy Due Diligence" & "Purpose Limitation"

Start your Enterprise Privacy Journey

Privacy X-RayAutomated Privacy Risk Assessment

Empowers organizations to start their enterprise privacy journey with Automated Privacy Risk Assessment, enabling visualization of privacy harms, PXAR score, potential technical safeguards and identifying key regulatory requirements.

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Event Horizon PET based Anonymization

Event Horizon empowers organizations to unlock sensitive data with Privacy Enhancing Technologies. Intelligent context based anonymization retains significant data utility while drastically reducing privacy risk in data sharing.


Priva Galaxy

PrivaGalaxy platform empowers businesses with a spectrum of advanced Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) to unlock data and create value across the entire business galaxy of internal and external ecosystem players. First of its kind platform providing patent pending solutions for Data Protection Impact assessment, risk visualization, GDPR grade privacy preservation and anonymization for data collaboration.


Privacy Protecting "Data in Use"

‘How to protect data in use ?’ - is one of the biggest challenges for CISOs and DPOs across the globe. This is a challenge beyond traditional security technologies. PrivaSapien offers advanced patented technologies to empower businesses in meeting 'Data in Use' privacy protection requirements and liberate data from regulatory silos without violating user privacy!

Intelligent Context Based Anonymization

PrivaSapien's Event Horizon product offers context based intelligent anonymization technology which enables automated anonymization, data sharing with downstream participants based on defined business context, access control and data life cycle management on the platform.

Mathematical proofs

First of its kind mathematical proofs accompanying anonymization, which can be used for future reviews.

Context based anonymization

Automated periodic anonymization of business data for collaboration along with anonymization business requirement.

Data Exchange & data life cycle management

Enables automated context based privacy preserved data collaboration with multiple 3rd party ecosystem parties, securing data on cloud, restricting access based on business context and data life cycle management as per retention policies.

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Visualize your privacy risk

First of its kind "Privacy Red Team" product for Data Protection Impact Assessment, using Privacy Enhancing Technologies, for DPOs and CISOs. This helps data controllers visualize different kinds of privacy risks in data to make informed decision about data storage, cross border transfer, processing and collaboration requests.


Understanding mixed personal data

Global Privacy Compliance Technologies

Global enterprises are having a difficult time applying different privacy measures and inefficient traditional technologies for different geographies. PrivaSapien’s Privacy Enhancing Technology solutions meet the highest bar of privacy requirements, enabling organizations to have a common golden standard for data collaboration across the globe.

DPIA and Anonymization as a Service

Privacy X-Ray enables in Privacy Risk Assessment, which is a critical part of Data Protection Impact Assessment as part of Article 35 of GDPR. Event Horizon can provide GDPR’s Recital 26 compliant PET based anonymization for unlocking data for collaboration.

Cross Bord er Transfer

Privacy X-Ray and Event Horizon help organizations in visualizing cross border transfer risks and mitigating them with PET products. This is inline with global privacy and transfer requirements like EU’s Standard Contractual Clauses.

Indian Data Protection Regulation

Privacy X-Ray provides first of its kind draft Indian Data Protection Bill 2021 compliant automated Privacy Risk Assessment. Event Horizon is a cutting edge DPB 2021 compliant anonymization service. This can empower organizations in meeting upcoming Indian personal data protection bill by starting their privacy compliance journey and privacy preserved processing of sensitive data.

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