Priva Galaxy

PrivaSapien’s PrivaGalaxy is a cutting edge Privacy Enhancing Technology platform for business to visualize privacy risk, mitigate them and unlock data for value creation across enterprise data ecosystem.


PrivaGalaxy offers a spectrum of Privacy Enhancing Technology based products for both Privacy Red teams and Blue teams. Privacy X-Ray is a Privacy Red team product that can help organizations visualize privacy risk, identify regulatory challenges in sharing data internally or externally, within borders or across borders. Event Horizon is a Privacy Blue team product that helps organizations mitigate those identified risks with the help of technical safeguards using Privacy Enhancing Technologies for data collaboration.


Privacy X-Ray

Privacy Risk Assessment as a Service

Privacy X-Ray is an advanced automated privacy risk assessment service. Privacy risk assessment is a critical  part of Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) as mentioned in GDPR’s Article 35, India’s draft Data Protection bill 2021 and other privacy regulations across the globe. Privacy X-Ray augments a DPO/ CISO with unparallel ability to visualize privacy risk in internal or external data processing.

Privacy X-Ray provides below first of its kind patent pending features including:

  • Auto classification of attributes
  • PET based Privacy attack simulation
  • Visualize Privacy risk from modern privacy attacks
  • PXAR Score – Unified Privacy Risk Score
  • PET based mitigatory recommendations
  • GDPR/ DPB – Key regulatory recommendations based on risk score
  • Cross border data transfer – Key regulatory recommendations (SCC/ DPB)

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Event Horizon

PET based Anonymization as a Service

Event Horizon is a cutting edge output privacy technology product which enables organization to anonymize data using our patent pending “Differentially Private Generalization” technology, so that GDPR/ HIPAA Privacy rule grade anonymization is done to mitigate singling out, linkage and inference risks, along with first of its kind mathematical proofs for verification and auditing. This unlocks the data for data collaboration by signficantly reducing privacy risk as per regulatory requirements for considering the data to be anonymized, when the data is no more considered as personal data.

Event Horizon includes cutting edge Privacy Enhancing Technology based patented features like:

  • Differentially Private Aggregation
  • Mathematical Proofs of anonymization
  • Context based privacy preservation
  • Parallel multi context data transformation
  • Graphical visualization of anonymization
  • Automatic API based Data Exchange

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