Industry Verticals

Industries handling sensitive user data by nature need to have a deeper understanding of privacy concerns of users and implement solutions that meet these complex privacy requirements.

Horizontal Industries

Service and data based industries have a pressing need to implement advanced privacy technologies so that they can get priority access to strategic data and thus move up the value chain.


With medical data being one of the most regulated, sensitive and valuable, PrivaSapien's technology can enable businesses to visualize the risk and mitigating them so that healthcare experts can focus on problems like accelarated drug discovery and automated insurance platforms without violating privacy regulations.


Open banking and open financing are the future of BFSI. Visulizing risk in sharing data in such models with the financial ecosystem and mitigating them with privacy preserved data collaboration is going to play a critical role in success of BFSI companies in the future.


With huge amount of sensitive data, its utilization and value creation without violating user privacy are some of the key challenges of telcos across the globe. We enable telcos with visualizing privacy risk associated with unlocking data and mitigating it for value creation.

Horizontal Industries


With Privacy regulation emerging across the globe, consulting firms have a key requirement to help their customers visualize the privacy risks and recommend holistic solution for businesses, which are privacy compliant. PrivaSapien enable consulting companies with cutting edge technologies to serve their customers better.

Analytics Platforms

Data transfer are becoming more complex. Data management across its life cycle riddle with challenges like data breach risk, cross border transfer and other privacy compliance risks. We enable analytics platforms in privacy compliant data acquisition and value creation, resulting in unlocking new value creation across ecosystems.

B2C aggregator Platforms

B2C platforms have significant amount of sensitive customer data. Storing, processing and collaborating using sensitive customer data in privacy regulated geographies requires companies to visulaize and mitigate the privacy risks to gain a strategic advantage against their competition. PrivaSapien's solutions are first of their kind which can empower B2C platforms visualize and mitigate privacy risks using privacy enhancing technologies.

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